26 marca 2014

NWA - TNA Weekly PPV #13


Singles Match
AJ Styles defeats Kid Kash (9:56)

Boxing Match
Screech defeats Tiny The Bellkeeper (0:42)

Winner Enters Gauntlet For The Gold Three Way Elimination Tag Team Match
Ace Steel & CM Punk and Derek Wylde & Jimmy Rave defeat The Hot Shots (Cassidy O'Reilly & Chase Stevens) (7:13)

Miss TNA Match
Bruce defeats ??? (1:09)

Tag Team Gauntlet For The Gold Battle Royal
Brian Lee and Chris Harris defeat Ace Steel and BG James and Brian Lawler and Buff Bagwell and CM Punk and Derek Wylde and Disco Inferno and James Storm and Jimmy Rave and Joel Maximo and Jorge Estrada and Jose Maximo and Kobain and Ron Harris and Scott Hall and Slash and Sonny Siaki and Syxx-Pac (23:01)

NWA World Tag Team Title Match (vakant)
America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) defeat Brian Lee & Ron Harris (4:55) - TITLE CHANGE !!!

NWA World Heavyweight Title Match
Ron Killings (c) defeats Jerry Lynn (12:28)

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