11 maja 2014

One Night Only - Victory Road

Zwycięzcy zmierzą się w 12-osobowym Battle Royal matchu, a zwycięzca zgarnia czek.

1) Bram defeated Davey Richards with an Implant DDT.

2) Austin Aries defeated Kenny King with a Brainbuster.

3) James Storm & Kazarian defeated The Freak & Knux after Kazarian hit the Freak with a beer bottle and Storm nailed a superkick for the pin.

4) Bobby Lashley defeated Samoa Joe with a spear after Joe was distracted by Kenny King.

5) Abyss defeated Mr. Anderson with a chokeslam.

6) Robbie E & Jessie Godderz defeated Bully Ray & Rockstar Spud after Spud turned on Bully.

7) Gunner defeated Magnus.

8) Ethan Carter III defeated Sanada.

9) Samuel Shaw defeated Crazzy Steve with a sleeper.

10) Eddie Edwards defeated DJ Z and Tigre Uno with a single leg crab on DJ Z.

11) Battle Royal - Gunner last eliminated James Storm to win the match.

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